Creative Writing/Poetry-sunkennickk
My friend wrote this, they do not want credit, but this was written so well, i wanted to share it.

truth is,
lately I’ve been depressed.
And it’s not that eighth grade brand
of depression where you secretly enjoy it
it’s that kind that actually gets to me
that cuts down deep.
where you don’t even bother crying
because you know that doesn’t do good.
where you know that those tears would be wasted
because any shred of life you had left in you left
so theres really nothing to cry about in the first place.
Truth is,
I’ve just been existing.
While I tell everyone else
what they are doing is wrong or slightly off
I’ve just been screaming at my mirror
and recently, every laugh, every smile,
every concerned stricken face
has just been a fabrication from memories
of a much better place.
Because truth is,
sometimes I don’t even know I’m sad.

I don’t have many
close close people to share my life with
and the people I do have
don’t know the half of what I’ve been dealing with.
I say that I want out of this town,
but I just want out of this body,
out of this earthly anchor
that keeps me in emotions
or out of them
keeps me grounded
keeps me hungry
keeps me tired
keeps me limited.

And truth is,
that the rain no longer is an ironic thing to me
I’m numb like never before,
and I have to force
some emotions out
so you can see inside.
Because truth is,
lately I’ve been depressed.

A moment of attraction, 
The stare that’s in your eyes
The reactions I get 
When you’re near by

The loss of words
The Stuttering of udder bullshit

Its a hit or miss situation
Its a win or lose communication  

i won’t give up you
This quickly

when, Losing hope and losing sight
Missing you and hating this 
It All of just blows up in my face

Another shot too deep

Another drink to much,

The mistakes start to pour
The shot you slammed down

The tipsy walk to the car
The stars seemed so far
The door opened,
The car started

It was the last night i could remember  


Living in the moment is a lie
Its a desperate cry for youth
It’s the same sweet tooth you’ve
Had for the longest time
Don’t act like it’s a crime
We all strive for youth

These ropes,
They are the things i believe in 
The popes once told me a tale,
"We are all born to death" 
The girl we once knew is gone.

Death brings us new life,
We remember the fallen,
In a new light,
We forget the hate,
We drowned in the love.  

This Saturn skyline, 
Is some what divine, it speaks the truth in lies,
It shows us were just tear drops falling down,
Causing the rain in the night time sky
Feelings lost but never gone, we remember,
The late night, the early mornings
Running through the stars
You are nothing more than second best. 

it was the sudden smash
That led me to my dark past
It was a quick flash
all cluttered, it didn’t last.  

I feel fast
Emotion in full blast
Luckly im in no cast

All i need to say is
Two simple words

i’m sorry.  

For the one that lives in my head.

It’s funny how that dream
was nothing but a balance beam 
my dreams for you were per diem
The theme was funny for my team
The gleam of hope was momentary
it was nothing rather supreme
i was so nervous my skin was bream 

My heart is a free way,
There may be many ways to fly into center,
But, it strands across the country like route 80
You can take your short cuts,
But the long road there will keep you longer.  

Ode to Nothing.

Oh, sweet emptiness.

A full room is often empty

The essence of nothing all perception

If one says there is nothing,

There is nothing.

Nothing could be what you see

When your eyes are closed

It could be what you feel

When you are alone.

The empty space

Filled like a black abyss

Nothing is infinite

It never ends

Trying to grasp the idea-

Rather impossible.

As one would drift into


They feel alone


It could be comforting know that

Although you are alone

And are lost in an expanse of nothing.

Once lost, never to be found

A shimmer of hope arises,

Your emotions return,

You feel joy,

You feel lost,

But alas

In that empty nothingness

Something appears, something-

You thought you had lost.