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I buried all hope, gave my heart to the east coast.
This past year tore me down, took whatever i had left.
This hole in my chest has been filled with everything
Everything i’ve ever lost, the empty fills empty.

i can’t visualize a time of true happiness
It’s all destroyed with past problems.


My heart sways from left to right,
Like the thoughts in my head.
The connection is notable
But the missing link is you

Now that you’re gone, i wish you never left.
But there was nothing i could do to keep you.
Now that you’re gone, i wish you never came.
I was never a real option.

You left me…

Cold weather and Colder Bones.

Chicago stays cold this time of year
The empty house parties and booze filled nights
leaving me empty as the bottle.
Id rather lay alone for another night
Then feel like this again.
For the first time in years I’ve never felt this alone.

Empty rooms and shameless smiles, awkward laughs and vacant conversations
I’m nothing In your world

December left me weak and cold but I won’t let that get the best of me.

Fighting these problems only helps ease the stress in your head, it doesn’t change a damn thing.

my head is filled
Heart on empty
Emotions tied

I’m a wreck
Don’t think don’t think anything less. 

As a house full of memories empties 
The hope and disappear buries me
It keeps me grounded as fate dies

Surely i’ll rise from the dirt
Put on a new shirt
And assert a new life

Another new lie to tell myself
Another week to consider
Then reconsider my life
May be


Each new notch in your belt is another new knot in my noose.
If only you could see me,
Hung from my throat,
Pale, empty emotion
Dead and alone
Just like you left me.
That new fashion suits you well.
The empty eyes and deceitful lies.
Really matches that vaguely awful exterior.

It’s not that we’re bad
It’s just you weren’t dad.

This cold summer morning
will surely melt me by afternoon
The heat is boring
Give me snow and holiday cheer.

Days are crowded with thoughts of you.
At night your voice attacks my ears;
My heart sinks at the thought of you. You keep me down.

Max Bemis & The Painful Splits - You're Going to Die
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I’m in literal love with this song.

"When I bury you 10 feet under dirt it’s cause you stabbed me in the back."